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Fruit Matters – Tree Fruit News – March 2022


New Phenology-based Psylla Management Information

In order to help you choose the right approach for your orchard and better understand the development of pear psylla in your region, WSU has created a pear psylla degree day model and associated management…

Evaluating your Pear Irrigation System

Old inefficient irrigation systems can contribute to low fruit quality and cost grower profits. Evaluate the irrigation system in older blocks to identify common challenges and potential solutions.

Remove Fire Blight Cankers Now to Reduce Risk this Year

Fire blight cankers left in the orchard are the source for new infections next spring. Remove them now!

Plan for Multiple Fire Blight Conditions, Be Agile

Make a plan now to be ready to prevent fire blight in your orchard this year.
PNW Water Year Impacts

A Short and a Long-Term Lens on Climate

We can learn from short-term and long-term efforts to prepare the tree fruit industry for more frequent, intense, and possibly consecutive climate extremes.


Codling Moth Orchard Management and Socioeconomic Considerations

A Codling Moth Summit was held in February 2022 to highlight and capture known research and best practices for IPM programs in codling moth control. This interview with Jill Tonne from Nutrien highlights essential practices…

Root Health, Fertility, Water, and Crop load Effects on Bitter Pit

Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension reviews factors contributing to bitter pit in WA and targeted management at North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days.


2023 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit Available

The 2022 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit is available. New in the 2022 guide is a section for leafhopper control in cherries. Over 60 updates for new or expired products.

Are you interested in improving bee health in your pear block?

We are looking for pear growers interested in participating in a USDA-funded research project this Spring. The project will explore bee health at orchards under different fire blight management schemes (antibiotics & biologicals). We are…

Join the WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center Team

WSU is recruiting a Fiscal Analyst at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee. Please share with your contacts. It is critical for WSU research supporting tree fruit to have a great team…
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