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Tree Fruit News April 9, 2018


The Deposition Triangle

Now is the time to prepare your sprayers for the spring. The greatest return on your investment is to 1) change your pressure gauge, 2) change your nozzles, and 3) check your speed. These three…

How to Effectively Manage Codling Moth

Without any intervention, codling moth numbers increase about four-fold from generation to generation. Therefore, targeting the first generation is important to reset the population size to a minimum. Control measures for subsequent generations can be…

Robot Ready Canopies

With labor at harvest a major challenge to the global tree fruit industry, robotic harvesters are close to hitting the orchard. Dan Steere, Abundant Robotics; Jeff Cleveringa, Starr Ranch Growers, Washington; Craig Hornblow, AgFirst New…

Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State: 2017

The following slide set presents the current data on organic tree fruit area and production for Washington State, with some associated global and national data. Data come from various sources including certifiers, the World of…

Fire Blight – Remember last year’s infections are this year’s innocula

With the large number of fire blight infections last year it is important to be on top of our management this year and assume fire blight is in the neighborhood.



Okanogan Horticultural Society Monthly Meeting

Join the Okanogan Horticultural Society for our monthly lunch discussion April 9 from noon to 2pm. Topic this month: Fruit Thinning – Tory Schmidt, Tree Fruit Research Commission and Fire Blight Prevention – Tianna DuPont,…

Tri Cities Fruit Club

The Tri Cities Fruit Club meets monthly for discussion and networking. The topic this month will be Fire Blight prevention with Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension. Venue: Cousins Restaurant, 4605 N Rd 68, Pasco, WA 99301…


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