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Tree Fruit News – Aug 2020


Wildfire season has arrived

The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, ID issued its Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook on August 1, 2020.  The agency predicts that the northwestern states will have above-normal potential for wildland fires through September….

Achieving higher dry matter pears with better quality using pruning

Fruit dry matter is becoming a prominent thought in growers’ minds as accumulating research suggests a direct connection between fruit dry matter content and consumer liking among numerous tree fruit commodities. The dry matter metric…

Manejo de la carga frutal: De vuelta a lo básico

El manejo de la carga frutal es un tema de gran importancia para los productores de fruta. Con todos los factores que pueden afectar el cultivo, puede ser abrumador para los productores nuevos entender el…

Case studies on tree removal for X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus

August and early September are good times to remove trees infected with X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus. Quick removal reduces the time infected trees are providing a source of the pathogen for insects to…

Questions and Answers on Insect Vectors of X-disease Phytoplasma

Interview with Tobin Northfield, WSU Entomology.

FSA Tree Assistance Program Offers Support for Little Cherry Tree Removal

New August 2020 when X-disease or Little Cherry infections reach or exceed 20% of a stand the whole block may be eligible for tree loss assistance from the Tree Assistance Program (TAP).


Pear Rootstocks & Systems Virtual Field Tour

Don’t plant pears for your heirs, plant pear blocks that can pay for themselves within 8 years! Join us for a tour of a pear rootstock research trial featuring a number of quince selections that…

WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® pre-harvest events scheduled and 2020 Documents available

It’s T minus 50-60 days before WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® harvest season begins. Color and size are coming on and there is great anticipation for a sizable crop of premium fruit. Our WA 38 team has scheduled…

Taiwan & China Export Training Webinars

This season’s Taiwan and China export training will be conducted via WebEx online sessions. This training covers all the requirements for cutters and field staff to evaluate apples for export to Taiwan. Requirements for China…

Pesticide Pre-License Review Webinars

WSU is offering two types of Pesticide Pre-License Review Webinars before our November-March training season.

Webinar: The Role of Dendrometers for Irrigation Management in Apple

What is a dendrometer? How can we use this tool to improve the precision of irrigation management and fruit quality? Join WSU extension on August 20 for a webinar designed to learn about dendrometers and…


Extension ITT Coordinator for TF Postharvest Systems

Fantastic opportunity to collaborate with WSU researchers and tree fruit industry to solve postharvest system challenges.

ITT Publications Coordinator for Tree Fruit Extension

Opportunity to work with the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team to help deliver outreach across multiple platforms.


Symptoms of Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma

X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus 2 cause small, pale deformed fruit in cherries. This video shows symptoms in a number of varieties.




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