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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters, July 2023


WA 64 apples

WA 64 Apple Cultivar Announcement of Opportunity (AOO) – Licensee

The Washington State University Office of Commercialization (WSU-OC), the licensing arm of WSU, the assigned owner of WA 64, desires to find, through this Announcement of Opportunity (AOO) process, an exclusive licensee to manage the…


damaged Gala apples on tree

Sunburn in apple and strategies to mitigate it

Written by Jenny L. Bolivar-Medina, ITT WSU Extension, and Lee Kalcsits, Endowed Chair WSU Horticulture. August 2021. In this article there is a brief description of what is sunburn, types of sunburn and the current…
cartoon of cooling apples

Cooling Mechanisms for a Tree Fruit Orchard

Fruit nearing harvest when the background color starts to turn yellow is particularly susceptible to sunburn. Cooling systems need to start when air temperatures reach 85-90 °F. This article covers key cooling system characteristics.
Leaf with brown necrosis around the edge

Leaf Tissue Analysis

graphs Summer-Fall 2022 and Summer-present 2023

Managing second-generation pear psylla, July 2023

Phenology-based integrated pear psylla management seems on track for success. There are fewer pear psylla and more natural enemies compared with last year.
tractor in the orchard preparing the soil

Washington Tree Fruit Long-Term Agricultural Research and Education Site Launched

After months of building the team and creating a plan, trees were planted on April 25 in Rock Island, Washington, at the WSU Sunrise Research Farm, marking the beginning of what is planned to be…
spray selection tool

WSU Decision Aid System Update July 2023

COMING SOON- spray selection tool on DAS.
WSU extension logo

WA 64 on the Site!

With the Announcement of Opportunity (AOO) of WA 64 released, we are starting to gather information for distribution. A dedicated section has been created on our website. This section can be found under Varieties and…


video thumbnail

Codling Moth: Considerations When Building a Spray Program

Chemical choices are clear, but the challenge is how to build a spray program that incorporates “The Decision Triad”, resistance management, and takes advantage of the selectiveness (ovicides, larvicides) of new chemistries. WSU researcher Rob…
video thumbnail

Codling Moth: Achieving Optimum Spray Coverage

Sprayer calibration and optimization per canopy architecture is achievable if it is prioritized by management and personnel have an understanding of the affect of air, nozzles, and rates on deposition. Extension Specialist, Gwen Hoheisel, provides…
virtual meetup video thumbnail

Virtual Orchard Meetups Series: Cold Session with Matthew Whiting

Virtual Orchard Meetups: Cold Session with Matthew Whiting
virtual orchard meetup video thumbnail

Virtual Orchard Meetups Series: Cold Session with Jason Londo

Virtual Orchard Meetups Series: Cold Session with Jason Londo
virtual meetup video thumbnail

Virtual Orchard Meetups Series: Cold Session Grower Panel

Virtual Orchard Meetups: Cold Session Grower Panel


WSU extension logo

Technology Field Days Scheduled

Ag Tech field days are scheduled for July 28 and Aug 2nd. The Precision Crop Load Management Technology field day is scheduled for the morning of July 28 at the WSU Sunrise Orchard east of…
earwig transit project logo

Last Call for Earwigs!

Register for the July 12th workshop and receive free earwigs for biocontrol in your compatible apple or pear program. See the Earwig Transit Workshop website for registration and more information.


Earwig Transit Workshop

Jul 12 | TFREC

Pear Pest Management Discussion Group

Jul 20 | La Tortuga Cashmere

Crop Load Management Technology Field Day

Jul 28 | WSU Sunrise Orchard

2023 WA Fruit Smart Orchard Project

Aug 2 | Smart Orchard- Grandview, WA

Okanogan Horticultural Association Summer Field Day

Aug 3 | Box Canyon Orchard


Karen Lewis
Tianna DuPont
Gwen Hoheisel
Marcella Magby
Manoella Mendoza
Claire Murphy
Jodi Rinaldi
Bernardita Sallato
Tory Schmidt
Ricardo Lima Pinto

Fruit Matters July 2023 was edited by Jodi Rinaldi and Karen Lewis, WSU Extension.

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