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Tree Fruit News January 2023


Pruning & Training – Apple

Presentations & Videos Honeycrisp crop load management.  Bruce Allen. IFTA – Good Fruit Grower summary video. Host. B. Sallato. Understanding the click pruning technique. S. Musacchi. Good Fruit Grower. February 15, 2017. The Cosmic Gospel:…

Bartlett Pear Pruning

Dr. Stefano Musacchi, professor of horticulture at Washington State University and Bob Gix, horticulturist at Blue Star Orchard shared pear pruning ideas at this spring’s Young Grower pruning demonstration in Cashmere WA. Here are a…

Remove Fire Blight Cankers Now to Reduce Risk this Year

Fire blight cankers left in the orchard are the source for new infections next spring. Remove them now!

The Complexities and Opportunities of Water Markets

A key impact of climate change on water availability in the Columbia River Basin is a shift in the timing of water supply, as warmer temperatures lead to more rain and less snow, and earlier…

2023 WA Tree Fruit Research Commission Grant Awards for Cherry

For 2023, the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission approved $307,326 to help fund seven (7) new projects. The Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission (OSCC) is co-funding six (6) projects at 42% of the total funding request….


Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 3.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 3. Video clip with WA grower Bruce Allen, MI grower Chris Kropf, and NY growers Jason Woodworth and Jose Iñiguez talking about crop load management strategies. Supported by IFTA and…

Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 4. Q and A

Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 4. Questions and Answers, Hosted by Mario Miranda Sazo, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Anna Wallis, Michigan State University Extension and and Bernardita Sallato, Washington State University Extension.

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day: Allan Brothers Inc Q&A Part 1

Introduction to Allan Brothers Inc and our host Suzanne Bishop, Director of R&D and Luke Anderson, Area Production Manager. Introduction to the Zillah Ranch and discussions about their ‘Sweetheart/Mazzard’ Y-Trellis block, including establishment, pruning and…


PACMAN Show and Tell

Please join us for a series of Briefings by the PACMAN Research and Extension teams to update you on what we see as the current state of precision crop load management of apples.

2023 Cherry Institute

The topics for this year cover the latest in Little Cherry Disease research, labor issues, production economics, rootstock suitability, and post-harvest technology, as well as developments in crop load and nutrient management research.


PACMAN Show and Tell

Jan 12 | Zoom Webinar

2023 Cherry Institute

Jan 13 | Yakima Convention Center

NCW Tree Fruit Days

Jan 16 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Apple Day – North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days

Jan 17 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Manejo de Frutales

Jan 17 | Wenatchee Convention Center


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The January 2023 edition of Fruit Matters was edited by Bernardita Sallato , WSU Extension.

Washington State University