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Tree Fruit News Mar 2021


Tree Removal Methods for X-Disease and Little Cherry Disease- Preliminary Trial Report

In 2019 and 2020 four trials and four grower case studies were conducted to clarify recommendations for tree removal when trees are infected with Little cherry disease or X-disease. This study provides preliminary data showing…

Call to Action for WA & OR Pear and Apple Growers: 2021 Codling Moth Survey

Codling moth has been the key pest of pome fruits across the growing regions of Washington and Oregon for over a hundred years. Over that time, pest management programs regularly evolved as key pesticides were phased…

Cosmic Crisp®/ WA 38 Webinar Recordings Available

The recordings from the Cosmic Crisp®/ WA 38 Webinar held on February 9th are now available for online viewing. Each section of the webinar is available as a stand-alone video. Although a Q&A session is included…


Sweet Cherry Powdery Mildew Updates by Dr. Grove

Dr. Gary Grove presents an update on sweet cherry powdery mildew with an introduction of the disease, epidemiology, and current situation regarding pesticide resistance in Washington State.

Q&A with Dr. Gary Grover on Sweet Cherry Powdery Mildew

Questions and answers between the growers and industry members and Dr. Gary Grove addressing the current state of pesticide resistance in Washington State.
Washington State University