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Tree Fruit News – May 17


How to Effectively Manage Codling Moth

Without any intervention, codling moth numbers increase about four-fold from generation to generation. Therefore, targeting the first generation is important to reset the population size to a minimum. Control measures for subsequent generations can be…

Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State: 2018

Document date: April 2019 Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State: 2018   David Granatstein and Elizabeth Kirby Formerly with WSU-Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources In cooperation with Washington State…

Cherry Powdery Mildew

Written by: Claudia Probst and Gary Grove, WSU Plant Pathology; Compiled by: Tianna Dupont, WSU NCW Regional Specialist; Reviewed by: Catherine Danials, WSU Entomology and Pesticide Coordinator; Edited by: Wendy Jones, WSU Tree Fruit Extension….


Cherry Preharvest Tour – The Dalles, OR

This is the first of four separate field day events to showcase cherry preharvest activities. download event flyer Tour Agenda Stop 1 : The Cemetery Block at Orchard View Behind the I.O.O.F. Three Mile Cemetery, The…

WSU Cherry Field Day – June 10

WSU Cherry Field Day on June 10th visiting ‘Coral Champagne’ Orchards and research flash updates at IAREC.

WSU Dia de Campo de Cerezas – June 10

Acompañenos a visitar huertas de la variedad Coral Champagne y luego conocer nuevos avances en investigaciones en el centro de la WSU, IAREC. La actividad será traducida al español en vivo.

WSU Extension Preharvest Cherry Field Day – Royal Slope, WA

An evening with Dain – Organic cherry production from bud to bucket. Tour will focus on organic cherry production in blocks ranging from 3 to 24 years old. 10 X 18 freestanding Bing on Mazzard,…

WSU Extension Preharvest Cherry Field Day – Oroville, WA

Join us for a pre-harvest cherry field visit. At this site, we will see Black Pearl planted in 2009 a few days before harvest. We will also discuss Little Cherry Disease detection and management and…


Updated SoilWeb app for android devices

The SoilWeb for Android application accesses soil survey information at your current location.  This is a total re-write of the previous version and contains many new features. iOS version next.  


grow it, make it, sell it – safely

Food safety education & resources for Northwest small scale farmers and food processors. As part  of a multi-state collaboration between OSU, WSU, UI, and UA, we will be offering a series of webinars for small…
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