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Tree Fruit News Nov 2020


Extension Specialist Karen Lewis named director of WSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Program

Tree Fruit Extension Specialist Karen Lewis is the new director of Washington State University Extension’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Program Unit. Hired as ANR director on Nov. 1, 2020, Lewis has served as a…

Bio-Based IPM: Conserving Natural Enemies for Full Season Control in Pears

New research paper highlights the importance of natural enemies in pear orchards for biologically based IPM.

Managing your Bin Piles for Increased Codling Moth Control

Codling moth larvae that will overwinter leave the fruit in the fall, around harvest, and seek overwintering sites. Bins used during harvest are known to harbor diapausing codling moth larvae. The larvae enter the bins…

Codling Moth Task Force Formed

The Codling Moth Task Force was created to synthesize and evaluate past and current codling moth research and management recommendations, and to communicate that information to stakeholders.


Webinar recording: Co-Robotic harvest-aid platforms can aid harvesting speed
In this installment of the WSU-OSU Tree Fruit Extension seminar series, Dr. Vougioukas discusses how co-robotic harvest-aid platforms can aid harvesting speed by eliminating some of the issues faced by using fixed-zone platforms. Audience Q&A…


RosBREED: bridging the chasm between discovery and application to enable DNA-informed breeding in rosaceous crops
This review presents a synopsis of the approach, deliverables, and impacts of RosBREED, highlighting synergistic global collaborations and future needs. Enabling technologies and tools developed are described, including genome-wide scanning platforms and DNA diagnostic tests.
Optimization of a Method for the Concentration of Genetic Material in Bacterial and Fungal Communities on Fresh Apple Peel Surfaces
Apples are the most consumed fruit in the United States and have recently been shown to exhibit some vulnerability to contamination across the supply chain. The objective of this study was to identify a reproducible…

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