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Tree Fruit News October 2022


Fall Nutrient Sprays in Tree Fruit

Comparison of Postharvest Spots

Bitter Pit Description: Small sunken lesions predominately on the calyx end and not associated with lenticels. In severe cases, spotting may extend to the upper half as well. Fruit may not show external signs at…

The importance of room and bin sanitation to reduce postharvest decay

By Achour Amiri, Plant Pathologist, Washington State University-TFREC With the end of packing of the previous-season crop and the new crop of apple and pear expected shortly, it is important to prepare adequately to minimize…

Pear IPM Post Harvest Sprays

The end of pear season is finally upon us. One topic of discussion is the potential need for and strategy for postharvest sprays to manage overwintering pear psylla. Here we will discuss some potential benefits…

Cosmic Crisp – 2022 Pre harvest observations

Written by B. Sallato and I. Hanrahan, October 2022.  Growers are starting to harvest their WA 38 orchards, and while it is still early to talk about the overall quality of ‘WA 38’ for this…

Early fall defoliation in sweet cherry

Written by B. Sallato and M. Whiting, Sept 2022. Original publication: Sallato, B. and Whiting, M.D. 2022. Early fall defoliation reduces yield and bud nutrient concentration in ‘Selah’ sweet cherry. Acta Hortic. 1333, 195-202. DOI:…

Recomendaciones de madurez de cosecha para distintas guardas comerciales de WA-38 en el 2022

Use this guide in addition to the published marketing and quality standards for the 2022 crop year. First ship date for fruit produced in the 2022 crop year: December 1, 2022.


Smart Orchard Field Day: G.U.S.S. Demonstration

In this video we will learn what is GUSS technology and how it works. We will also see a demo spraying in a commercial apple orchard.

Smart Orchard Field Day: Smart Apply/RDO Demonstration

In this video, we will learn what smart guided systems to spray. How it works, and how to calculate the application rates. We will also see a demo of spraying in a commercial apple orchard.


Actualización de conocimientos en WA 38 (Español)

Día de campo en la estación experimental de la WSU, Roza farm en Prosser. Hablaremos de los ensayos en ‘WA 38’ para el manejo de la quemadura por sol, green spot (mancha verde) o bitter…

Agricultural Leadership Program

The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA), Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), and Washington State University (WSU) will hold an Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP)  course starting November 2022.  ALP is a comprehensive bilingual training…

Stakeholder Listening Sessions

Join the Washington Tree Fruit Extension team to give feedback on Extension needs and priorities for 2023. Listening sessions will be held in north, central and south central Washington October 25 and 27. Your feedback…
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