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Protected cultivation of peach and nectarine in China – Industry observations and assessments Published In J. Amer. Pom. Sci., 67(1):18-28, by D.R. Layne, Z. Wang, L. Niu

China is both the largest producer of outside-grown and inside-grown peaches and nectarines in the world. The latter are produced in more than 16,000 ha of protected cultivation greenhouses. These simple structures are solar-heated and most commonly exist in one of two forms: a single-slope, east-west oriented lean-to style or a north-south oriented high tunnel. Both systems can significantly advance ripening date and increase profitability to the grower. With proper management, the solar lean-to houses and high tunnels can advance harvest by as many as 90 and 30 days respectively, compared to the same cultivars grown outside. This crop advancement can lead to as much as a 5-fold increase in selling price in the market.

Washington State University