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WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® Events & Defect Guide

Posted by wendyej | September 11, 2020

New Publication

The new guide, WA 38 Common Defects and Unique Characteristics Near Harvest and During Storage is now available. The guide includes defects visible during the growing season, at harvest, or after storage. There is also a section on defect characteristics unique to WA 38. Each defect section includes when it would first be detected, incidence rate, description, possible defects with similar characteristics, known management strategies and a photo gallery.

The guide was developed with a focus on defects typically observed in WA 38 to date. It does not include some commonly occurring defects of all apples such as bruising or decay. Defects only observed under special laboratory conditions known to exacerbate symptoms have been omitted.

The guide can be found here or on under the WA 38 tab. The guide was written by Ines Hanrahan, WA Tree Fruit Research Commission, and Carolina A. Torres, WSU Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Postharvest Systems.

Field Days and Q/A Meetings Scheduled

WA 38 Virtual Pre-Harvest Field Day
September 16th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm      Registration link

Presented live from a WA 38 block in Quincy. Topics include 2020 Quality Standards, harvest management and storage criteria, starch scale demonstration, defects and disorders

WA 38 Grower/Field Staff Pre-Harvest Q&A Web Meeting
September 23rd from 3:00 to 5:00 pm         Registration link

This is an opportunity to ask questions and share information with the WA 38 team and fellow participants. Recommended criteria for harvest and storage will be discussed

WA 38 Packer/Shipper Q&A Web Meeting
September 30th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm       Registration link

This session is tailored to those involved in the packing and shipping of WA 38/Cosmic Crisp®. Topics will include defects and disorders, fruit quality, and recommended harvest and storage criteria

Separate registration is required for each event. Use links above to register.


Karen Lewis
WSU Extension Regional Specialist

Washington State University