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Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding Workshop

June 22 – June 23

Ready to take beekeeping to the next level? For those of you who already have a working foundation in beekeeping, the WSU bee team is offering an event to introduce you to fundamental tools for stock improvement. This workshop is designed to improve your understanding of queen rearing, bee breeding systems, and selection methods through a combination of presentations and hands-on demonstrations. We will also introduce you to the more advanced techniques of instrumental insemination and cryopreservation.

Instructors: Susan Cobey, Brandon Hopkins, Steve Sheppard, Nick Naeger, and Jennifer Han. We will also have outstanding guest speakers.

Register Online
Registration Fee: $300.00
Location:  Washington State University, Pullman campus
Plan on two all-day meetings.  The time of day and schedule of activities will be sent with your registration confirmation.

Bees on honeycomb

Washington State University