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Taiwan Orchard Sampling and Cull Cutter Training

Apple Exports to Taiwan: Orchard & Bin Sampling Protocols

Training is mandatory for people who do not have a Pest Consultant’s license (PCO) or Commercial Applicator’s license. Those without either license must attend training to perform orchard or field bin sampling. Training should be repeated every two (2) years. People who attended training last summer (2014) are not required to attend, but refresher attendance is strongly advised by NHC and USDA/APHIS to keep you apprised of any work plan changes. It is also advised that anyone with a license, but unfamiliar with the Taiwan protocol attend training. Certified cull cutters may perform field bin sampling if informed of bin sampling protocols. Official forms must be used for all phases of the work plan. You can download the instructions and forms here.

I’m in the process of scheduling this year’s field/bin/cull cutter combined training sessions. Sessions for Prosser, Yakima and Wenatchee are set; sessions for Brewster and Quincy are still pending. If you cannot attend any of these sessions and need to be trainined, here are your options:
1) you just need field/bin sample training: contact Wendy Jones by email: or call her at 509-663-8181 x260; you will need to schedule a time to go to Wenatchee for this training.
2) you need bin/cull cutter training/certification: You will need to contact WSDA for this training.

Cull Cutter Certification

Orchard & Bin Sampling training does not replace cull cutter certification – Re-certification of cull cutters is requested by WSDA for a minimum of 2 cutters per facility every other year.

2015 Schedule:

11 am Tuesday, *August 11th – WSU-IAREC conf. rm., 24106 N Bunn Rd., Prosser, WA 99350 map

11 am Wednesday, *August 12th – WSDA classroom, 21N 1st Ave., Yakima, WA 98901 map

11 am Friday, *August 14th – WSU-TFREC conf. rm., 1100 N Western Ave., Wenatchee, WA 98801 map

Sessions for Quincy and Brewster pending confirmation

Washington State University