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Video Interviews

Featured below are Links and a brief description of WSU YouTube videos with educational content classified as Interviews. Additional videos may be of WSU faculty or other affiliated personnel interviewed by other entities.  People selected to give interviews are considered experts in their field of interest. Subjects may range from perspectives to historical overviews. Items on this list are arranged chronologically with the most recent video on top.

The Future of Orchard IPM” (14:31). Speaker: Dr. Vince Jones, Professor of Entomology and Director of WSU-DAS. Affiliation: Washington State University, Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Wenatchee, WA 98801. Synopsis: Dr. Vince Jones was invited to give his unscripted opinion about the future of IPM for orchard crops. This is part of the UCIPM Viewpoints video series. Dr. Jones shares his perspectives derived from over 35 years of experience on what the future will bring for orchard pest management and the increasing role of natural enemies in the system with the help of decision support tools and educational resources.  Keywords: Integrated pest management, decision making, sustainable management,  natural enemies, phenology models, control tactics, pesticide impacts, reduced rates, decision support systems, DAS, pest forecast, quantitative interactions, education, information delivery, recommendations, treatment timing, lures, monitoring, indicator species, lacewings, syrphid fly, organic program, conventional program. Published: 5 June 2013.

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