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Honey Bee Management in Tree Fruit Orchards

An update on honeybee management for tree fruit orchards from Tim Lawrence, WSU Extension, and Tory Schmidt, WA Tree Fruit Research Commission.

How to Effectively Manage Codling Moth

Without any intervention, codling moth numbers increase about four-fold from generation to generation. Therefore, targeting the first generation is important to reset the population size…

Using dry matter to increase consumer liking and retail purchase price of d’Anjou pear

Written by Sara Serra, WSU, March 2019 Evaluating the fruit dry matter at harvest by the adoption of a NIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) technology can contribute…

Apply Mating Disruption for Codling Moth

Mating disruption dispensers should be in place before the start of bloom.

Getting Ready for Fire Blight Prevention

As Fire Blight season approaches make sure you have your fire blight plan in place. Most products work best when applied within the 12-24 hour…

Full Bloom Dates for Red Delicious Apples

The date of full bloom at the WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center is used as a relative comparison of one year to another. The…

2019 Crop Protection Guide is Available

Dear Growers, Field Staff and Industry Professionals; We are excited to bring you the 2019 Crop Protection Guide. Print copies of the 2019 guide are…

Optimizing Crop Load for New Apple Cultivar: ‘WA38’

Optimizing Crop Load for New Apple Cultivar: ‘WA38’ - A summary written by Anthony B., Serra S., Musacchi S.

Samurai Wasp Say Smell Ya Later to Stink Bugs -PBS Features OSU and WSU Work

Enjoy this new video created by PBS featuring the work of our colleagues at OSU. There is a growing threat of the Brown Marmorated Stink…

Beauty with Benefits – Native Plants for Beneficial Insects

WSU researcher David James has studied more than 100 perennial plants native to Central Washington to learn which native plants beneficial insects prefer.
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