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Full Bloom Dates for Red Delicious Apples

Current degree days for Wenatchee are 445, + 35 from 30 year average and -154 from 2020 (March 21, 2021).

Honeycrisp Virutal Meetups Takeaways

In this article, we review the key questions answered by experts about managing crop load, nutrition, rootstocks, and harvest for Honeycrisp.

Plan for Multiple Fire Blight Conditions, Be Agile

Make a plan now to be ready to prevent fire blight in your orchard this year.

Decision Support Tools for Frost Mitigation

This article summarizes some of the available and emerging decision-support tools that can be used in tandem to mitigate frost effectively.

Pre-bloom pear psylla management program, 2023

Good timing and selection of sprays will kill pear psylla and other pests, reduce unnecessary spray costs, and set up your summer management for success.

Effect of multi-leader training systems and Prohexadione-Ca applications on apple cultivar ‘WA 38’

In a grafted WA38 trial Prohexadione-Calcium significantly reduced excessive tree vigor and resulted in larger and more uniform fruit size compared to the control. 

2023 is looking like one of the worst years for honey bees in nearly two decades

Honey bees are the primary pollinator for many fruit and seed crops in the State of Washington. Since 2005 much has been written about the…

Get Ready for Thinning Season

Spring is here and it is time to get ready for thinning season. While all aspects of orchard management are important, there may be no…

Codling Moth Mating Disruption Considerations

Codling moth mating disruption is the foundation for integrated pest management in apple and pears. It is important to remember that the mode of action…

2023 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit Available

The 2022 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit is available. New in the 2022 guide is a section for leafhopper control in cherries. Over 60…
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