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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters September 2023


Recommended Harvest Criteria for Commercial WA-38 Storage in 2023

Use this guide in addition to the published marketing and quality standards for the 2023 crop year. First ship date for fruit produced in the 2023 crop year: November 20, 2023.
Looking up into the canopy of a cherry tree with smaller, yellowing leaves are apparent.

Fall Nutrient Sprays for Tree Fruit

Plants need light, CO2, water, and minerals for their development, growth, and producing quality fruit. Most nutrient uptake for tree fruit occurs through the roots, between bloom and the rapid vegetative growth phase. In most…
A cherry tree with green leaves next to one with dropping leaves

Early Fall Defoliation in Sweet Cherry

In perennial species, natural leaf senescence in the fall is part of a remobilization of mobile nutrients and carbohydrates to wood, buds and roots.
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Fall Leafhopper Management

Manage leafhopper vectors of X-disease in their final fall generation.
painting glyphosate on a tree trunk with a brush

BMPs for tree removal for X disease and Little Cherry Virus infected trees

Methods to remove trees infected with X-disease or Little cherry disease.
scalded pears and apples

WSU Decision Aid System Update September 2023

Storage scald model and season ending on DAS
Weather tower surrounded by a fence with a farm and mountain in the background

AgWeatherNet Update

The month of August saw the completion of two new Mesonet tower stations bringing the network total to 40. It was also a busy month on the backend as the new AWN website was developed.
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Announcement: 2023 Cherry MRL Report

Since 2011, the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission has conducted annual studies to provide the Northwest cherry industry basic information about residues of commonly used pesticides. These studies are intended to help growers and consultants…
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Organic Apple Pre and Post Harvest Management Survey

Please help us identify current practices utilized preharvest and postharvest to reduce rots and extend the shelf life of organic apples. This effort will help us identify needs and will be used as a baseline…
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Win a Safe! Mental Health and Farm Stress Survey (English and Español)

A better understanding of the mental health needs and barriers faced by our communities is essential before effective prevention efforts can be implemented. The Washington Department of Health developed an anonymous survey, and by participating,…


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Codling Moth: The Effects of Netting

Netting is commonly used for sun and wind protection, but it can also be used to exclude insects from an orchard. Adrian Marshall shares research and expertise on how to implement netting for IPM.
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Codling Moth: Resistance Management

Historically, the availability of different chemical choices has been driven by regulations and pesticide resistance. Understanding how the over use of chemical classes leads to the loss of products should be the foundation of a…


Cost Share Funds Available to Cherry and Stone Fruit Producers through Grant for X-disease and Little Cherry Disease Tree Removal

Washington State University Extension in partnership with county Conservation Districts and Pest Boards announce the availability of cost-share funds for the removal and testing of trees infected with X-disease and Little cherry disease to slow…

NOSB Fall 2023 Meetings and Grower Comment Opportunity

The National Organic Standards Board’s annual fall comment period is open, with several materials crucial to organic tree fruit under review. The NOSB highly values personal testimony from organic growers and packers via verbal and…

Reimbursement for Composting

WSDA is launching the Compost Reimbursement Program to encourage on-farm compost use. Approximately $1 million will be distributed annually on a first-come, first-served basis. All commercial Washington farmers – including those in agriculture, silviculture, aquaculture…


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Whole Farm Planning Course Offered this Fall

The WSU Extension will be offering our online Cultivating Success™ Whole Farm Planning Course this fall and we’d like to share this opportunity with you and your community. WSU Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning Offered…
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Planificación de Toda la Granja

WSU Extension ofrecerá nuestro curso en línea de Planificación de toda la granja este otoño y nos gustaría invitarles a usted y a su comunidad. WSU Cultivando Éxito: Planificación de Toda la Granja Ofrecido a…

Save the Date North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days January 16-18 in Wenatchee

Join us for WSU Tree Fruit Extension Programs in North Central Washington on January 16-18, 2024. Co-sponsored by WSU Extension, Northwest Cherries, Pear Bureau Northwest, NCW Fieldmen’s Association, and the Okanogan Horticultural Association. These events…


WA 38 SOP and WA 64 Field Day

Sep 13 | WSU Sunrise Orchard

Smart Orchard + AgAID Field day

Sep 15 | WSU Sunrise Orchard

WA 64 Field Day – South

Sep 19 | WSU ROZA Orchard

NCW Tree Fruit Days

Jan 16 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Pear Day – North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days

Jan 16 | Wenatchee Convention Center


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Fruit Matters August 2023 was edited by Jodi Rinaldi and Karen Lewis, WSU Extension.

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