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Biopesticides: Efficacy and Use

With increasing organic acreage and scrutiny of antibiotics use, alternatives to antibiotics for the control of fire blight are necessary. Dr. Ken Johnson, Oregon State…

Managing Fire Blight Infections: Pruning, Sanitation

Is it important to quickly prune out fire blight infected materials soon after an infection occurs? How we remove them effectively? And what about sanitizing…

PACMAN Briefings Session 4: 3D Imaging and Digital Twin for Specialty Crops

PACMAN Briefings Session 4: Crop Load Adjustment Based on Early Flower Bud Detection

PACMAN Briefings Session 4: Improving Apple Harvest with the Latest in AI Yield Estimation for Specialty Crops

PACMAN Briefings Session 4: Moog’s Autonomous Journey: “Agriculture Is the Lynch Pin”

PACMAN Briefings: Mauricio Guerra Funes – How’s your adoption going?

PACMAN Briefings: Innov8 – Steve Mantle

PACMAN Briefings: AgerPix – Karina Lau

PACMAN Briefings: Vivid Machines – Jenny Lemieux

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