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AgWeatherNet Web Portal

AWN portal use presentation by Sean Hill, Application Systems Analyst, WSU AgWeatherNet

Technical Update for AWN

A presentation by Jonathan Contezac, Field Meteorologist at AWN Mount Vernon

AWN Overview

An overview of the WSU AgWeatherNet. AWN collects and delivers high quality, site-specific weather data and products for effective agricultural decision-support, serving irrigated agriculture in…

Managing Mites in Pears

Rebecca Schmidt Jeffris discussed spider mites, rust mites, and blister mites: how different active ingredients work, efficacy, pesticide effects on natural enemies, weed associations and…

Powdery Mildew Best Management

Gary Grove, WSU Plant Pathology spoke at 2024 NCW Tree Fruit Days on powdery mildew management. Topics covered include: management starts with pruning; irrigation starts…

Earwig Trapping, Releases and Pesticide Impacts

Aldo Hanel, WSU Entomology spoke at the 2024 NCW Tree Fruit Days on earwigs for biocontrol. Moving earwigs from stone fruit to pome fruit can…

Meteorology Basics

A 25-minute crash course/Weather 101 answering basic questions about how weather works in the atmosphere.

Codling Moth Mating Disruption

Don Thomson spoke on codling moth mating disruption at the 2024 NCW Tree Fruit Days. He described the importance of point sources, weather impacts on…

New Products and Approaches for Codling Moth Management

Betsy Beers, WSU Entomology spoke at the 2024 NCW Tree Fruit Days on codling moth management. She described factors influencing trap catch and two years…

Pruning WA 38 with Andres Romero (English captions)

Bernardita Sallato, Washington State University Extension specialist, interviews Andrés 'Andy' Romero, Olsen Brothers, to learn about their strategies to prune WA 38.
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