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MSU Bird Damage Decision-making Survey

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Cherry and Blueberry growers,

Michigan State University is conducting a survey to gauge interest in adopting and marketing certain conservation practices, and to better understand how farmers make pest management decisions. With this research, we hope to assist the cherry and blueberry industries in advancing the adoption of consumer-desired conservation practices that are both marketable and provide management benefits to farmers.

The survey is relatively short (8 to 12 minutes) and asks questions about managing bird damage, pest management decision-making, and your interest in installation of nest boxes to encourage American Kestrels or other natural predators of fruit-eating birds that cause damage.

We want to hear from you- because your input is important for accurately reflecting the perspectives of growers in these industries. If you haven’t already, we ask that you please take the survey, which will end on March 13th. Here is the link:

Participation is voluntary and your responses will not be connected to your name or other contact information. If you feel uncomfortable answering any particular question, please leave it blank and go to the next question. For any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Bardenhagen, doctoral student at or Dr. Phil Howard,

Washington State University