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Organic Standards Changes

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The next semi-annual meeting of the National Organic Standards Board is on April 25-27, 2016 in Washington, D.C. Crop production materials under review include List 4 inerts, List 3 inerts, hypochlorous acid, copper sulfate, ozone gas, peracetic acid, and calcium chloride. You can submit written comments on line before April 14, or verbal comments on a webinar on April 19 (10-1pm PDT). Contact David Granatstein for more details and draft comments from Organic Trade Association that may be helpful.

For tree fruit growers and packers, the company that makes SmartFresh (1-MCP) has submitted documents to NOSB for review of SmartFresh and possible addition to the List of Allowed Synthetics. This material is currently under review by the Crops Subcommittee and will not be discussed at the upcoming meeting. However, if you have opinions one way or the other on this material and its appropriateness or usefulness to organic, any comments now will help the subcommittee shape its recommendation to the entire Board which plans to discuss it at the fall meeting. There will certainly be pros (potentially better storage to allow longer marketing period for larger crop) and cons (possible negative impacts on traditional flavor) raised during the review of this material. The list of petitioned substances can be found at and SmartFresh is listed under “M”.

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