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Rootstock Tour

August 25, 2017

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Join WSU Extension and the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission for a tour of recent rootstock trials. There are three stops on this tour. Join us at one or all. Tom Auvil will describe characteristics of rootstock performance in the trials to date.

Friday, August 25th

9:45 am Oroville

1:00 pm Brewster

4:00 pm Wenatchee

Participants can carpool with the group leaving Wenatchee at 6:00 am or leaving Omak at 8:45 am. Alternatively participants can meet the group at individual locations.

Stop 1: Oroville

Start: 9:45 am

Host: David Taber

Location: Loomis Oroville Rd, Oroville WA

GPS 48° 56′ 36.5″ N  119° 27′ 3.4″ W

Description: At this location we will review performance of third leaf Honeycrisp trees with a crop on Geneva rootstocks and commercial standards in a replicated planting in a non-fumigated old orchard site. Performance is currently excellent at this location. Rootstocks included in this trial include Bud 9, G.969, G.210, G.41, G.935, G.214, G.11, G.890, M.9 Nic 29, and M.9 T337. We will discuss crop load, tree vigor and bitter pit.

Directions:  Turn off Hwy 97 in downtown Oroville onto Central Ave. which turns into Loomis-Oroville Rd. Orchard access is just west of mailbox / house at 3605 Loomis Oroville Rd, Oroville WA. Turn right (North) off Loomis-Oroville Rd. There is an older orchard on right of the drive, open but fenced (has dry grass/weeds) field on left.

Travel to Brewster: Travel from Oroville to Brewster is about 90 minutes of driving.

Stop 2: Brewster

Start: 1:00 pm

Host: Jim Divis

Location: 72 Lakeview Way Brewster WA GPS:  48° 7’11.86″N  119°42’40.62″W

Description: We will look at Pazazz on Bud 9, G.969, G.210, G.41, G.935, G.214, G.11, G.890, M.9 Nic 29, and M.9 T337. These are the same rootstocks as in Oroville. At this location they are planted on new ground. G.935 is showing some virus sensitivity.  Crop was set on 3rd leaf trees. Vigor management, bitter pit, and fruit size can be observed.

Directions: Off of 72 Lakeview Way, where the pavement ends. Large Honeycrisp grafts on the right, Pacific Rose block on the left.  The best way to arrive is: Old 97 (those traveling from Oroville, turn onto old 97 at Mallot) to Old Monse Bridge road. Turn right (south) on to Golden Lane and continue onto Lakeview Way.

Travel to McDougall Legacy Orchard

Stop 3: East Wenatchee

Start: 4:00 pm

Host: Scott McDougall, McDougall and Sons

Location: East Wenatchee

Description McDougall location 1: Honeycrisp trial with Geneva rootstocks: Bud 9, G.969, G.210, G.41, G.935, G.214, G.11, G.890, M.9 Nic 29, M.9 T337.  The block is in a V trellis with two foot in row spacing. We will discuss management of Honeycrisp in new plantings and what Geneva rootstocks can offer compared to M.9 standards.

Description McDougall location 2:  We will look at a MSU cherry rootstock trial with three scions (Early Robin, Sweetheart, Regina) on standard roots: Gisela 5 and 6, Krymsk 5 (sweetheart) and 6 (Early Robin, Regina). The block is planted as an SSA vertical trial at 12 x 2 spacing. The rootstock trial is in a V,  with 12 x 2 foot spacing on mid-size rootstocks, and 1 foot spacing on small rootstocks.  We will discuss SSA high density plantings with minimal pruning at planting.

Directions: McDougall and Sons Legacy Orchard.

Turn left at 4507 Grant Rd., East Wenatchee just past the airport. This left is where Grant Rd swings into a sweeping right turn past the airport and becomes S. VanWell, to remain on Grant Rd, turn left off South VanWell in the middle of the curve. Travel up the gravel road. Pass the Northern Fruit CA facility on right, server farm of left. Meet at the main pond.

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August 25, 2017


WSU Extension – Tianna DuPont
(509) 293-8758
Washington State University