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Labs testing for Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma

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University Labs

The Oregon State University Plant Clinic can test for both Little cherry virus 1 and 2, as well as X disease (Western X). For information, please visit their web site at A list of services and fees are available at the “Submit a sample” pull down menu. 2020 Official proficiency test panel provided July 23 PASS X-disease phytoplasma PASS LChV2 Aug 13, 2020.

WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic can run X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus 2 samples with a limited capacity. Choose Virus Assay Request. Please email the lab for projected turn-around times before sending samples so as to not overwhelm lab capacity. 2020 Official proficiency test panel provided July 27 PASS X-disease phytoplasma PASS LChV2 Aug 8, 2020.

Commercial labs which have passed proficiency testing

In order to help the industry manage X-disease and Little cherry disease WSU is providing support for commercial labs including updated protocols, positive controls, training where possible and proficiency testing.

The following labs:

  1. Have a signed MOA with WSU agreeing to use WSU X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus 2 testing protocols last updated June 2020.
  2. Have been provided with positive controls from WSU.
  3. Have passed a proficiency test (Ring test) where WSU provided samples (12) which were tested using the same protocols by WSU and said lab. To pass the panel positive and negative results match and Ct values must fall within 3 cycles. Extremely low concentration samples (>37 Ct) where the fact that samples were from the same tree and branch but not the exact same sample are excluded from proficiency panel analysis. Individual labs have two opportunities to pass the panel. In 2020 two panels have been provided the first with random samples from grower orchards. The second panel included known negative and known positive samples with homogenized tissue.

AGNEMA 1320 E Spokane St, Suite A Pasco, Washington 99301 509-255-3744 Choose forms > Little Cherry Disease sample submission form Proficiency test panel 1 provided July 4, results July 21 PASS LChV2, PASS XDP. Official proficiency panel provided July 23, results July 27 PASS X-disease phytoplasma PASS LChV2 Aug 8, 2020.

Eurofins Cascade Analytical. 1008 W. Ahtanum Rd. Union Gap, WA 98903. (509) 452-7707 For courier service and additional drop locations visit Proficiency test panel 1 provided July 1, results July 30 Pass LChV2, Fail X-disease phytoplasma. Official proficiency panel provided July 23, results Aug 20 PASS LChV2, PASS X-disease phytoplasma. 


If you are a lab that would like to do X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus testing we are happy to provide the same support for all labs. Download Recommended Protocols Download letter with details and Proficiency testing protocols (2020.12.19). Proficiency testing for 2021 is planned for February, April and June. Samples are planned to be distributed to interested labs Feb 1, April 1 and June 3, 2021. Samples results should be returned to WSU for analysis and posting Feb 15, April 15 and June 17.

Additional commercial labs


None listed at this time.

Washington State University