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Tree Fruit News Feb 2020


Open Access!

The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) publishes three scientific journals, HortScience, The Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science and HortTechnology. Free access to these journals and papers has been limited to ASHS…

Washington State is the International Tree Fruit Destination this Summer

Planes filled with tree fruit scientists, producers, nurseryman, and other allied industries will be headed to Washington State this summer. For a very exciting 2 weeks, the International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA), Washington State University…

Reducing Cold Damage With Sprayable Nanocrystal Dispersions

Cold damage to the reproductive buds and flowers is a perennial concern to tree fruit producers worldwide. Every year low temperatures threaten productivity and periodically, sudden cold snaps between bud break and bloom can cause…

X Phytoplasma Epidemic

Written by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension. February 5, 2020. Update April 15, 2020. Fig. 1. X Phytoplasma symptoms in Rainier cherries (left) versus healthy cherries (right). X Phytoplasma has reached epidemic levels in Washington cherries…

Epidemia del Fitoplasma X

El Fitoplasma X ha alcanzado niveles de epidemia en el Estado de Washington, con 2,629 muestras de cerezos positivas a la enfermedad en 2019. Fitoplasma X (también llamado Western X, Cherry Buckskin y Durazno X)…

Western X Questions and Answers. What do we know? What do we not know?

Written Tobin Northfield, WSU Entomology; Scott Harper, WSU Plant Pathology; Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension; Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension; Holly Ferguson, Yakima Valley College. July 17, 2019. New questions and answers added February 5, 2020. As…

Enfermedad de la Cereza Pequeña: Preguntas y Respuestas

En nuestro proceso de aprendizaje respecto a la enfermedad de la cereza pequeña o LCD, hemos recolectado preguntas de nuestros productores que respondemos a continuación.

New Paraquat User Requirements & Labeling

All paraquat registrants must comply with the label changes mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Paraquat Human Health Mitigation Decision and amendment. In addition, users must comply with requirements on the product label…


Agricultural Internship Opportunity with Mt. Adams Fruit

Mt. Adams Fruit has an agriculture intern position that provides exposure to the practical aspects of apple, pear and cherry growing.   This position is best suited for students interested in learning production agriculture leading to…


Tree Fruit Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Cropping Orchards in Central Washington

Healthy trees need healthy roots to take up water and nutrients; healthy soils to provide water, nutrients, and protection from plant pathogens; sufficient water; and exemplary horticulture. When considering tree nutrition, it is essential to…
lots of thick white fluff attached to the end of a small branch and hanging down

Perceptions and outcomes of conventional vs. organic apple orchard management

Highlights: Management goals were similar for organic and conventional apple orchards; Organic orchards employed more selective pesticide programs; Conventional and organic orchards did not differ in soil quality and insect counts; Integrated practices may be…


Okanogan Horticultural Society Meeting – Feb 11

Join us for the Annual Okanogan Horticultural Society Meeting. This is the final event of the WSU Tree Fruit Extension North Central Washington Winter Programs. At this session, participants will hear the latest research-based information on horticulture,…

February Produce Safety Alliance Grower Trainings

The Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) was tasked with developing the standardized national produce safety training program to prepare fresh produce growers to meet the regulatory requirements in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food…

Pre- and Post-harvest Disease Management Workshop

Join us to learn about best management practices to fight pre- and post-harvest pathogens which cause rots and continue to challenge the pome fruit industry.

2020 March Sprayer Demos

Join WSU Extension to improve your sprayer performance. Extension Specialist Gwen Hoheisel will provide an in-field demo. Match spray pattern to canopy shape. Analyze spray distribution and adjust nozzles to get every drop to the…


Postharvest Defects, Disorders, Diseases, and Spanish Posters – on sale now!

In addition to the Postharvest Defects and Honeycrisp Disorders posters released in July 2019, we now have the Postharvest Diseases poster on sale. Also available now are the Spanish translations of the first two.


Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training – Manson, WA

Feb 26 | Manson Grange 796

Farmer-School Buyer Networking & Planning Meeting (Central WA)

Feb 27 | Grandview School District Learning Center

Sprayer Best Management and Calibration Workshop – Naches (1)

Mar 3 | Long Ranch

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training – Moses Lake, WA

Feb 11 | Grant County Fairgrounds – Huck Fuller Bldg

Okanogan Horticultural Society Meeting

Feb 11 | Okanogan County Agriplex

Pear Prunning Demonstration 2020

Feb 12 | 2020 Pear Pruning Demo

Next Generation Network: Software for Profit Optimization

Feb 13 | Pybus Event Center

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training – Lynden, WA

Feb 18 | Steakhouse 9

NW Pear Research Review

Feb 20 | Yakima Convention Center



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Faith Critzer

Tianna DuPont

Chris Hedges

Gwen Hoheisel

Bernardita Sallato

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