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Tree Fruit News November 15, 2018


2018 WTFRC Apple Pesticide Residue Report

Since 2011, the WTFRC has conducted studies in apple and cherry to generate pesticide residue data for commonly used insecticides and fungicides to help Washington growers make more informed choices about their spray programs. The…


Protective Netting Improves Leaf-level Photosynthetic Light Use Efficiency in ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple Under Heat Stress

G Mupambi, S Musacchi, S Serra, L Kalcsits, D Layne, and T Schmidt. 2018. HortScience 53(10): 1416-1422. DOI: 10.21273/HORTSCI13096-18


Provide input on fire blight needs

Do you want fire blight solutions? Tell us what you need and help us leverage funding to serve the industry.


Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture – 2-Day Workshop

Nov 15 | Ag Tech Building

2019 Stone Fruit Research Review

Nov 20 | WSU – IAREC, Prosser

WSTFA 114th Annual Meeting

Dec 3 | Yakima Convention Center

NCW Stone Fruit Day 2020

Jan 29 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Manejo de Frutales

Jan 27 | Wenatchee Convention Center

NCW Pear Day 2020

Jan 28 | Wenatchee Convention Center

NCW Apple Day 2020

Jan 27 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Cherry Institute Orchard Systems Tour

Jan 17 | Weasel Ranch, Washington Fruit and Produce Co



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