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Cosmic Crisp®: International Updates

Part 5 of 5 from the WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® 2020/2021 season updates webinar. In this video, Lynnell Brandt (PVM) gives an update on current international…

Case Studies Matching Rootstocks to Scions and Soils

Three case studies where growers discuss their rootstock, soil, scion combinations.

Matching Rootstocks to Scions and Soils

Jenny Bolivar, WSU Extension discusses getting a good rootstock-scion-soil-system combination.

Apple Thinning

How PGRs and PGR-like compounds can manipulate two of the most common practices: fruit thinning and flower formation. Current and new products.

Cherry Powdery Mildew Product Resistance

Cherry mildew has been quickly evolving resistance to key fungicides in Washington. Dr Gary Grove describes new research which has found that resistance to group…

Using Honeydew Washing to Improve Pear IPM

Chris Strohm, WSU Extension shares recent case studies and research trials describing the use and efficacy of honeydew washing systems to improve IPM in Pear.

Pear IPM Webinar

Louis Nottingham, WSU Entomology discusses key components to successful pear IPM programs and his latest research results.

Mating Disruption as a Basis for Apple IPM

Don Thompson with Pacific BioControl describes how mating disruption works, best management practices for working with different emitter types and the potential for resistance to…

New technology for reducing cold damage

This is the third of a four-part video series from the sweet cherry cold hardiness webinar held on Oct 29, 2020. In this video, New…

X-disease and Little Cherry Disease Introduction and Importance

A brief introduction to X-disease and Little Cherry Disease pathogens, symptoms, vectors, distribution and economic impacts by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension at Cherry Institute 2021.…
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