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Root Health, Fertility, Water, and Crop load Effects on Bitter Pit

Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension reviews factors contributing to bitter pit in WA and targeted management at North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days.

Season Long IPM Management for Pear Psylla

Pear psylla phenology, pre‐bloom kaolin and insect growth regulators, summer pruning, timing honeydew washes, summer covers, fall kaolin. A presentation by Louis Nottingham, WSU Entomology…

Climate Outlook and Considerations for Washington Tree Fruit Production

Sonia Hall WSU CSANR. Expected changes in climate, ongoing research areas, including future chilling hours, sunburn and irrigation water availability. North Central Washington Tree Fruit…

Codling Moth Management Tools

The research and how to use it on SIR, netting and other tools to add to high pressure codling moth blocks. Presented by Betsy Beers,…

Insights from the Codling Moth Survey ‐ Where are We?

Summary of Codling Moth Task Force survey by Betsy Beers, WSU Entomology at North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days January 2022.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Pear

Bob Gix, Rudy Prey, and Ray Schmitten are the hosts on the pear tour.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Cherry

The cherry video is a tour of several blocks with Cherry King, Kyle Mathison.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Apple

In the apple video, Suzanne Bishop, Dave Gleason, Mike VanPelt, and Dale Goldy host an orchard stop.

Soil Health in Orchards

Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension shares the results of recent work surveying soil health in Central Washington Orchards.

How Soil Health Management Practices Affect Plant Parasitic Nematodes and Root Health

Tom Forge, AgriFood Canada describes the impacts of plant parasitic nematodes on root health and potential management strategies.
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