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2015 Fruit School

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Fruit School 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s fruit school!

Each participant received handouts that included a thumb-drive preloaded with the abstracts and presentation files. However, Dr. Matt Whiting’s presentations were inadvertently left out. You will find a download link next to the listing for his talks below.

Workshop Information

WSU Extension presented a 2-day workshop at multiple locations simultaneously that focused on the newest scientific information on tree fruit physiology. Session topic areas included:

Session I: Pome Fruit Physiology 101
Objective:  Understand basic physiology of apple and pear including growth and development, floral initiation and the role of hormones 

Session II: The Dynamic Nature of Nutrient & Water Relations and Importance of Roots in Modern Orchard Systems
Objective:  Understand roots and their relationship with canopy growth and productivity.

  • Roots, A General Primer – Lee Kalcsits, WSU
  • Nutrient Uptake and Distribution – Massimo Tagliavini, Bolzano
  • Irrigation and Nutrient Management – Denise Nielsen, AAFC Summerland
  • Managing Soil Microbiology (Ecology) – Mark Mazzola, USDA-ARS

Session III: Manipulation of Tree Growth with Pruning & Plant Growth Regulators
Objective:  Understand the applied techniques available to manipulate physiological cycles in fruit trees

  • Apple and Pear Tree Architecture – Pierre-Eric Lauri, INRA – France
  • Competition Among Vegetative and Reproductive Cycles and Role of Pruning – Stefano Musacchi, WSU
  • Plant Growth Regulators in Tree Manipulation – Duane Greene, Univ. of Massachusetts

Session IV: Stress Physiology: The Good and the Bad
Objective:  Understand the various environmental factors common in the Pacific Northwest that cause plant stress, their effects on various tree organs, and implications for orchard management strategies.

  • Basic Plant Stress Physiology – Lee Kalcsits, WSU
  • Heat & Light Stress/Sunburn – Larry Schrader, WSU Emeritus
  • Management Strategies to Exploit Stresses – Todd Einhorn, OSU
  • Management Strategies to Mitigate Stresses
    -Mike Robinson, Double Diamond Fruit
    -Del Feigal, Auvil Fruit Company

Session V: Physiology of Fruit Maturation and Quality
Objective:  Understand parameters of fruit maturation and pre-harvest practices to maintain high quality fruit from harvest through storage.

  • Fruit Maturity and Quality – Jim Mattheis, USDA-ARS
  • Optimizing Pre-Harvest Fruit Quality – Sara Serra, WSU
  • Pre-Harvest Growth Regulator in Apples and Pears
    -Apples: Dana Faubion, Agrofresh
    -Pears: Yan Wang, OSU
Washington State University