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Help Us Help You – Mapping Broadband

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All Washington residents are encouraged to participate in broadband internet mapping efforts. The accuracy of this map is essential to future broadband funding in Washington state and tree fruit member participation is needed to ensure that orchard sites are correctly mapped to identify broadband needs. Visit the state’s FCC National Broadband Map webpage. This page provides step-by-step instructions to help people understand and navigate the FCC map and challenging process.

You will be asked to enter a home address to see a summary of the FCC’s data for that location, including the speed and type of connection, and local internet service providers for fixed and mobile broadband service to the location. If you believe the information is incorrect, options are provided for submitting an “Availability Challenge” or a “Mobile Challenge” to the FCC.

If you are concerned about publicly disclosing a challenge, the “WSU Information Collection Form” on the FCC National Broadband Map webpage offers the opportunity to provide information about your service to the Washington State University Extension for crowdsourced bulk challenges that will not disclose individual data.

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