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SCRI PACMAN Briefings Webinar Recordings

Precision Crop Load Management of Apples (PACMAN) is a USDA-NIFA-SCRI funded project led by Cornell University and includes Co-project investigators from WSU (Stefano Musacchi and Karen Lewis), MSU, NCSU, Penn State, UMASS, VA Tech and the WTFRC (Tory Schmidt).
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The project team conducted four-part webinar series (17 presentations) in February. The recordings of each presentation can be found here: PACMAN Briefings recordings

Session IHow can PACMAN help you make more money? Includes presentations by Terence Robinson, Jon Clements, Brent Arnoldussen and Todd Einhorn.
Session llShow and Tell, includes presentations by the following companies: Pometa, Fruit Scout, LaGasse/Aurea/Munckhof and Orchard Robotics.
Session lllShow and Tell, includes presentations by the following companies: Outfield, Vivid Machines, AgerPix, and Innov8. The final video is a discussion on adoption led by Mauricio Guerre Funes of Cornell.
Session lVEngineering Briefing, includes presentations by the PACMAN engineering team; Yo Jiang, Cornell Univ., Long He and Paul Heinemann, Penn State Univ., Dana Choi, University of Florida and Chris Layer and Tom Fischer, Moog, Inc.  the engineering team at Penn State, Cornell, and MOOG

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For more information, visit our:

  • Research page for research team objectives, activities, and collaborators
  • Extension page for Extension team outreach plans and PACMAN outputs and outcomes

Posts aka PACMAN ‘blog’ for news about what PACMAN is up to, who we are, and other neat things as we discover them!

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