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WSU Tree Fruit Days Webinar Recordings

Recordings of the following webinars are available at These webinars were part of the 2021 Tree Fruit Days Webinar Series co-sponsored by WSU Extension, NW Cherry Growers, Okanogan Hort Assoc., Pear Bureau NW, NCW Fieldmen’s Assoc.

Organic Apple Mildew Management

WSU’s Dr Achour Amiri describes new research results which will help you improve your powdery mildew management.

Mating Disruption as a Basis for Apple IPM

Don Thompson with Pacific BioControl describes how mating disruption works, best management practices for working with different emitter types and the potential for resistance to mating disruption.

Codling Moth Apple IPM – Don’t Forget the Basics, SIR Update

Betsy Beers, WSU Entomology describes the key components of successful apple IPM programs and new research on sterile insect release. Coming soon.

Pear IPM

Louis Nottingham, WSU Entomology discusses key components to successful pear IPM programs and his latest research results.

Using Honeydew Washing to Improve Pear IPM

Chris Strohm, WSU Extension shares recent case studies and research trials describing the use and efficacy of honeydew washing systems to improve IPM in Pear.

X-disease and Little Cherry Virus

A comprehensive look at the newest research and recommendations for control of X-disease and Little cherry virus.

See Cherry Institute

Cherry Powdery Mildew Product Resistance

Cherry mildew has been quickly evolving resistance to key fungicides in Washington. Dr Gary Grove describes new research which has found that resistance to group 3 and 11 fungicides in all production regions as well as potential resistance in other groups.

Apple Thinning

How PGRs and PGR-like compounds can manipulate two of the most common practices: fruit thinning and flower formation. Current and new products.

Matching Rootstocks to Scions and Soils

Jenny Bolivar, WSU Extension discusses getting a good rootstock-scion-soil-system combination.

Case Studies in Matching Rootstocks to Scions and Soils

Three case studies where growers discuss their rootstock, soil, scion combinations.

Please note. Not all webinars are available as recordings.

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