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Top 6 things to get it right – Harvest for optimum quality of COSMIC CRISP®

Written by Ines Hanrahan, WA Tree Fruit Reseach Commission, 26 sep 2019.

If nothing else, do the following to ensure the success of your COSMIC CRISP® harvest.

  1. Read the documents:
  2. Slow down. There is no reason to pick early. No fruit will be sold before December 1, 2019.
  3. The best indicator for maturity is starch degradation.
    • Start picking at 2.5 (1-6 scale).
    • Cut through the core and not above it.
    • Starch staining takes longer than with other varieties.
  4. This apple’s starch patterns are unique. Use the COSMIC CRISP® starch chart.
  5. COSMIC CRISP® can be a single pick variety. Sample throughout the canopy to determine possibility for your orchard.
  6. Stem clipping: do your math when debating to stem clip or not.


Ines Hanrahan
Executive Director,
WA Tree Fruit Reseach Commission
Phone: 509-669-0267

Washington State University