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WA 38 Maturity Testing & Online Resources

WA 38 harvest is almost here and we want to remind people of the resources on our website. On the left side menu column, there is a WA 38 tab leading to several WA 38-specific resources.

Of interest at harvest time are the articles under the reports tab on stem clipping and storage parameters. The article on stem clipping includes an economic analysis to help you pencil out if you should stem clip or not. This was a very large study and if you are debating to incur the cost or not, you need to read the article.

Starch conversation is the best indicator of maturity with WA 38. It is critical that we not harvest this apple before the fruit reaches a 2.5 search reading on the 1-6 WA scale. Starch in this apple is slow to convert and it is slow to analyze, so be patient. (Watch the video tutorial on WA 38 starch analysis.) This apple is unique. Developing the starch scale specifically for WA 38 was seen as a critical piece in managing harvest so we can deliver a great eating experience to the consumer ― one apple at a time. To learn how the scale was developed and to better understand the starch conversion process in WA 38 and the recommended analysis procedure, read the article Developing a WA 38 Starch Scale. Downloadable and printable card and poster size starch scales are available under the WA 38 menu tab. The starch scale instruction card is also available.

PVM has just released its Marketing & Quality Standards document as determined by the Quality Standards Sub-committee. The standards document can also be found under the WA 38 menu tab.

The final preharvest field day is scheduled for Wed Oct 2, 1-3pm at the WSU-Prosser Roza Orchard in Prosser, WA. Click here for more information and navigation.

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