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WSU Decision Aid System Available for Registration

Written by Dave Crowder, Interim Director for WSU Decision Aid System

The 2021 field season is upon us, and the WSU Decision Aid System (DAS) team is ready to work with stakeholders to provide time-sensitive information to guide orchard management. The DAS has expanded in the past several years, and in 2021 will include new features such as:

(i) virtual weather stations that allow users to place a station anywhere in Washington, allowing you to get site-specific information to drive models even if an AWN station is not nearby

(ii) pesticide effects models that allow users to evaluate past spray programs and determine economic and pest management impacts of alternative tactics and spray timings:

(iii) new natural enemy models to complement pest, disease, and horticultural models and improve biological control. In addition, DAS will continue to offer 43 pest, horticultural, and disease models to help guide orchard management practices throughout the growing season.

Sign up for DAS here:
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