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Workshops & Classes

Please join us for a series of Briefings by the PACMAN Research and Extension teams to update you on what we see as the current state of precision crop load management of apples. We are entering our third year of the USDA/NIFA/SCRI-funded research and Extension project titled “Precision Crop Load Management for Apples” and we have interesting insights to share with you regarding your vision-based technologies and potential management implications! In addition, industry partners have been hard at work developing “turnkey” solutions to assessing your apple crop load management efforts and are invited to participate in a “show and tell.” (Barring any hard sales pitch of course!)

2023 PACMAN Briefing Agenda

Thursdays 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST, via Zoom, pre-registration required here

Show and tell progress towards Precision Apple Crop load management.

JAN 12 – How can PACMAN help you make more money?

Led by Jon Clements and Terence Robinson

Terence Robinson – Updates on horticultural work, Flow chart for Precision Crop Load Management

Jon Clements – RECIPE – Predicting fruit set using the fruitlet growth rate model apps (Malusim and Fruit Growth)

Todd Einhorn – Fruit Growth Model (new method)

Brent Arnoldussen – Pollen Tube Growth Model

JAN 19 – Innovative new technology to implement PACMAN (Part 1)

Led by Anna Wallis and Craig Kahlke

Pometa – Dave Brown and Patrick Plonski

Fruit Scout – Chris Hall and Matt King

LaGasse/Aurea/Munckhof – Ross Kranz and Tim Cromwell

Orchard Robotics – Charlie Wu

JAN 26 – Innovative new technology to implement PACMAN (Part 2) & How’s your adoption going?

Led by Mario Miranda Sazo, Craig Kahlke. and Mauricio Guerra Funes

Innov8 – Steve Mantle

Outfield – Oli Highbourne and Andrew Schmack

AgerPix – Karina Lau

Vivid Machines – Jenny Lemieux

Mauricio Guerra Funes – How’s your adoption going?

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