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Fruit Matters December 2021


Soil Health Indicators for Central Washington orchards

To help growers in Central Washington orchards, Washington State University scientists demonstrated that Washington orchard soil health indicators should include measurements of water availability and root health in addition to standard fertility indicators to meet…
Heat Wave Image

What Can We Learn from the ‘Pacific Northwest Heat Dome’ of 2021?

This summer’s ‘heat dome’ had direct impact on quantity and quality of tree fruit produced in the region, as well as other crops. Two recent articles on discuss this heat wave. The first article…

WSU releases roadmap for Soil Health Initiative

A 124-page “roadmap” that outlines current challenges and pathways to help maintain healthy soils as an agricultural and environmental resource has been released.


New Orchard Tour Videos Posted

Convened by Dr. Stefano Musacchi, WSU hosted the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) XII Orchard Systems Symposium in July 2021. The symposium was virtual so Stefano and TJ Mullinex from the Good Fruit Grower…

Soil Health in Orchards Workshop Videos

Enjoy lectures and demonstrations from WSU Soil Health Workshop.


Closeup of a sprinkler head in an orchard

Improving Irrigation Efficiencies in Pears Case Studies

Case studies of how irrigation upgrades in pears can improve fruit quality. New updates November 2021.


North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days Jan 18-20, Feb 9, 2022: Save the Date

Join us for North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days Jan 18-20 and Feb 9 designed to provide research based information on key horticulture and pest management topics impacting your profitability in the short and long…

Early Decay Detection and Management in Organic Pome Fruit Systems Workshop March 9, 2022

Join us March 9 2022 to learn about a quick test for fungal detection and how it can help in overall decay management. The workshop will then focus on best management practices to fight pre…

Pear Study Circles

Join WSU Extension for a series of study circles for pear producers on Tuesday evenings October 19, 2021 to February 22, 2022.


Using pear psylla phenology to better time applications – Pear IPM Study Circle

Dec 14 | Mission Creek Community Club

Assembling an IPM programs that work – Pear IPM Study Circle

Jan 11 | Mission Creek Community Club

NCW Tree Fruit Days

Jan 16 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Apple Day – North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days

Jan 17 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Stone Fruit Day – North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days

Jan 17 | Wenatchee Convention Center


Karen Lewis
Tianna DuPont
Gwen Hoheisel
Marcella Magby
Manoella Mendoza
Claire Murphy
Jodi Rinaldi
Bernardita Sallato
Tory Schmidt
Ricardo Lima Pinto


This issue of Fruit Matters was edited by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension. For submissions to the January Newsletter contact Bernardita Sallato, for February Gwen Hoheisel.

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