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Fruit Matters – Tree Fruit News May 2024


Pruning out Fire Blight Infections

It is important to quickly prune out fire blight infected materials soon after an infection occurs to reduce the bacterial ooze which insects and wind can spread through the orchard causing new infections, and to…

Manage Root Suckers – a Component of Integrated X-disease Management

Root suckers provide easily accessible feeding sites for leafhopper vectors. Root suckers also tend to have higher levels of phytoplasma earlier in the season, likely due to movement of the pathogen from the roots where…

Broadleaf Weed Management a Component of Integrated X-disease Management

Manage broadleaf weeds in cherry orchards to help reduce the risk of X-disease phytoplasma.

WTFRC Project Synopsis: Efficient heat stress management for improved apple fruit quality

This article reports the findings from the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission funded project titled “Efficient heat stress management for improved apple fruit quality” (2021-2023).

WSU Decision Aid System Update May 2024

Codling moth updates begin!

AgWeatherNet (AWN) Update

This month, AgWeatherNet (AWN) is highlighting our heat stress management tools as we prepare for warming temperatures.

Leaf Tissue Analysis

Corina Serban Re-joins WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team

We are excited to welcome Corina Serban as the Little Cherry Disease (LCD) Information and Technology Transfer (ITT) Tree Fruit Extension Educator within the Washington State University (WSU) Tree Fruit Team.


Virtual Orchard Meetups: Heat Session with Lee Kalcsits, Washington State University

Managing the uncontrollable: resilience to extreme events

AgWeatherNet Web Portal

AWN portal use presentation by Sean Hill, Application Systems Analyst, WSU AgWeatherNet


Día de campo: Importancia y manejo del riego en Frutales

Acompañenos a aprender sobre la importancia del riego en diferentes estados de desarrollo, el efecto del riego en la nutrición y desórdenes fisiológicos. Vamos a revisar conceptos básicos del riego, la relación suelo – planta…
Washington State University