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Tree Fruit News April 23, 2018


Moving Beyond Calcium Sprays

Bitter pit is a major challenge for Honey Crisp producers world-wide. Dr. Lee Kalcsits, WSU Assistant Professor of Horticulture spoke at the 2018 International Tree Fruit Association Conference in New Zealand sharing the latest research…
anatomy of flower

Get Ready for Thinning Season

Spring is here and it is time to get ready for thinning season. While all aspects of orchard management are important, there may be no decision made by growers more critical to their economic bottom…

Trechnites – Know the Good Guys in your Pear Orchard this Spring

As part of a Pear IPM project we are tracking natural enemies in pear orchards and we wanted to share who is active with you. As you manage your blocks this year, consider your natural…

Fire Blight

With bloom well under way and temperatures warming, preventing fire blight is on many people’s minds. Visit our fire blight page for information on biology and control. Recent updates include efficacy data from recent trials.

Apple and grape mealy bug control for little cherry virus

With continued concern over little cherry virus it is important that we control the vectors – apple and grape mealy bug. Researchers tested several approaches to controlling the apple mealybugs: delayed dormant pesticide applications to…


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