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Tree Fruit News Feb 2021


WSU Decision Aid System Available for Registration

The 2021 field season is upon us, and the WSU Decision Aid System (DAS) team is ready to work with stakeholders to provide time-sensitive information to guide orchard management. The DAS has expanded in the…

Novel project utilizing microbial bio-inoculants to promote plant growth and resilience

Professor Sharon Doty’s laboratory at the University of Washington developed microbial bio-inoculants from native trees in natural ecosystems in Washington State that promote plant growth and health through increased nutrient acquisition, hormone modulation, stress reduction,…

Evaluating IPM Methods to Control Apple Replant Disease

Preliminary results from a trial comparing field scale application of brassica seed meal and anaerobic soil dis-infestation for control of replant disease.

Prebloom Management of Pear Psylla with Particle Film

Attention pear growers! Although it is still winter, we are approaching the time when pear psylla begin recolonizing orchards. This is a reminder to start preparing for dormant sprays of kaolin clay (i.e. Surround) to…

WSU Tree Fruit Days Webinar Recordings

Recordings of the following webinars are available at These webinars were part of the 2021 Tree Fruit Days Webinar Series co-sponsored by WSU Extension, NW Cherry Growers, Okanogan Hort Assoc., Pear Bureau NW, NCW…

Cherry Institute 2021 On-demand Presentations Available

Co-sponsored by NW Cherry Growers and WSU Extension a combination of live webinar and on-demand videos were offered in January 21, 2021. Cherry Markets Marketing Cherries Internationally During a Pandemic In the foreign markets, the…


SOILCON – WA Soil Health Week

A week of soil health presentations from experts across the nation and Washington State. View only those presentations that interest you.

NW Pear Research Review

Please join us for the NW Pear Research Review on February 17, 2021, held virtually from 8:40 – Noon. The meeting is free and open to the public; there is no pre-registration required. Pesticide recertification…

Be BRAVE: Sustainable control of pear psylla

Learning objectives: European regulation has made pear psylla control more difficult; however, the DAPPER (brave) program, which focuses on natural enemies, and new spray technology has made good pear psylla control a reality. Speaker: Stijn…

New Organic Courses through USDA-NOP

The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is offering two new courses focused on 1) “Residue Sampling and Testing,” designed to provide insights for those overseeing and implementing sampling and testing work as part of an…

Sweet Cherry Powdery Mildew Updates

Sweet Cherry Powdery Mildew Updates Powdery mildew is one of the most devastating diseases in WA sweet cherry industry. Resistance to fungicides can further threaten our WA production and sustainability. Dr. Gary Grove will talk…


Call to Action for WA & OR Pear and Apple Growers: 2021 Codling Moth Survey

Codling moth has been the key pest of pome fruits across the growing regions of Washington and Oregon for over a hundred years. Over that time, pest management programs regularly evolved as key pesticides were phased…

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