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Tree Fruit News May 31


Tips to minimize apple and pear fruit infections in atypical cool and wet early season

Written by Achour Amiri, WSU, May 2019   The unusual cool and wet spring observed, so far this season in Central Washington, has to be taken into consideration when managing diseases in the orchards including…

Fire blight susceptibility of apple cultivars

New research documents the relative susceptibility to fire blight of a broad range of apple cultivars.

Powdery Mildew of Cherry New Fungicide Tools and Resistance Management Guidelines

Written by Gary Grove, WSU, April 2019 Cherry growers in the Pacific Northwest have multiple fungicides at their disposal for managing powdery mildew. Products in the powdery mildew “toolbox” include members of the DMI, QoI,…


WSU Cherry Field Day – June 10

WSU Cherry Field Day on June 10th visiting ‘Coral Champagne’ Orchards and research flash updates at IAREC.

WSU Dia de Campo de Cerezas – June 10

Acompañenos a visitar huertas de la variedad Coral Champagne y luego conocer nuevos avances en investigaciones en el centro de la WSU, IAREC. La actividad será traducida al español en vivo.

WSU Extension Preharvest Cherry Field Day – Royal Slope, WA

An evening with Dain – Organic cherry production from bud to bucket. Tour will focus on organic cherry production in blocks ranging from 3 to 24 years old. 10 X 18 freestanding Bing on Mazzard,…

WSU Extension Preharvest Cherry Field Day – Oroville, WA

Join us for a pre-harvest cherry field visit. At this site, we will see Black Pearl planted in 2009 a few days before harvest. We will also discuss Little Cherry Disease detection and management and…


Laboratory / Field Assistant Position Opportunity

WSU ’Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center is hiring a Technical Assistant to help with day to day laboratory and field work. This position will assist with lab and field duties in a research program…


Little Cherry Virus

Little Cherry Disease (LCD) is a critical concern to sweet cherry producers in the state of Washington. This disease is caused by infection by Little cherry virus 1 (LChV1), Little cherry virus 2 (LChV2) or…

X-disease phytoplasma (Western X)



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