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Time-lapse Fire Blight Disease Progression in Apple: Differing Responses among Three Cultivars

A time-lapse video that depicts the progression of fire blight symptoms in three apple scion cultivars (Cripps Pink, Enterprise, and Honeycrisp). All three scion cultivars were propagated onto M.111 rootstocks. Shoots were inoculated with Erwinia amylovorastrain 153N under greenhouse conditions. Responses to fire blight may vary due to different environmental conditions, rootstocks, and Erwinia amylovora strains. (no audio)

Authors and funding: Sarah Kostick, Soon Li Teh, and Kate Evans. WSU Department of Horticulture and WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center. Funded in part by USDA-NIFA award number 2020-67034-31887.

Washington State University