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WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Grower/Manager Q&A Meeting 9/23/2020

Click the video settings (cog) on the bottom of the YouTube panel and choose HD to view at the highest quality.

Description: Bernardita Sallato, Extension Specialist at Washington State University Extension, hosts this segment of the WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Fall 2020 Virtual Tour. This session focused on all issues related to production, preharvest, conditions of the crop, crop load volume and yield, size and color, fruit finish, weather and smoke related problems, internal disorders, ripening and maturity, harvest management, available resources, and more. Joining Bernardita were Jill Burbery, Project Manager for Proprietary Variety Management (PVM); Ines Hanrahan, Executive Director of the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC); Stefano Musacchi, Endowed Chair of Orchard Management and Production Systems at Washington State University; and Carolina Torres, Postharvest Endowed Chair at Washington State University.

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