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WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Day

Click the video settings (cog) on the bottom of the YouTube panel and choose HD to view at the highest quality.

Description: The WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Day webinar held on Sept 16, 2020, was hosted by WSU Tree Fruit Extension’s Karen Lewis and included the following expert speakers: Jill Burbery, Project Manager for Proprietary Variety Management (PVM); Carolina Torres, WSU Extention; Ines Hanrahan, Executive Manager for WTFRC; and Stefano Musacchi, WSU Endowed Chair of Orchard Management and Production Systems. Topics covered included defects and disorders, PVM guidelines and recommendation, harvest and storage criteria, using the starch chart, crop load and dry matter considerations, and Q&A’s.

More information and videos about WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® can be found at

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