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360 Rotator: CO2 Injury – External Wormy Pattern

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) External Injury: Wormy Pattern

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Rotating image can be moved using the arrow at the bottom of the viewer or swiping with your finger if using a touch-enabled device. The two-headed arrow opens full-screen viewing. You can also use the magnifier to see close-up. Click or touch on plus signs to view written descriptions.

View the External CO2 injury Rotator (Honeycrisp)

View the Internal CO2 Injury Rotator (Red Delicious)

View the External CO2 injury Rotator (Snowflake Pattern)

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Acknowledgment: The 360-rotators are the result of a collaborative project between WSU Tree Fruit Extension (WSU TFE), the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC), and The Good Fruit Grower (GFG).
Lead personnel: Rob Blakey (formerly WSU TFE), Ines Hanrahan (WTFRC), and TJ Mullinex (GFG).
Technical assistance: Matthew Ziegler (WSU CAHNRS Communications) and Wendy Jones (WSU TFE).

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