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Fruit Matters – Tree Fruit News October 2023


pocket gopher

Rodent Management

Rodent management tips from Roger Baldwin, UC Davis Wildlife Specialist.

Ag Weathernet Update

An update from AgWeatherNet on progress made during the month of September and a look ahead to the winter.
Red Delicious apple with blue mold side infection showing blue-green spore masses.

The importance of room and bin sanitation to reduce postharvest decay

It is important to prepare adequately to minimize decay rates during the long storage period.


Codling Moth sanitation video thumbnail

Codling Moth: Importance of Sanitation

Orchard sanitation includes the use of tree banding and removing infested apples. While successful, they can be laborious. Washington state industry expert Mark LePierre shares his experience to ensure success.

Pre-emergent Herbicides-Timing Trials and Product

Mike discussed results from his multi-year pre-emergent herbicide timing trials at two field sites in New York. He provided some practical tips for fall herbicide applications to maximize product efficacy, and will briefly review some…


Pear Study Circle – Scouting, Thresholds, Conserving Natural Enemies

Join us for a panel discussion and new information on natural enemy biology from Rebecca Schmidt Jeffris Nov 15.
Washington State University