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Tree Fruit News Sept 2020


WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® Events & Defect Guide

New Publication The new guide, WA 38 Common Defects and Unique Characteristics Near Harvest and During Storage is now available. The guide includes defects visible during the growing season, at harvest, or after storage. There…

Recordings from the Pear Rootstock & Systems Webinar Now Available

The Pear Rootstocks and Systems Virtual Field Tour Webinar held on August 14 was a successful event with 164 registrants. The events tag line was “Don’t plant pears for your heirs, plant pear blocks that…

Ambrosia Harvest Indices and CA Storage Protocols in British Columbia

To date, Ambrosia maturity has largely been determined by starch index. The general recommendation is to start harvest at a starch of 2.6 and finish by 4.4 on the Cornell starch chart.


The Role of Dendrometers for Irrigation Management in Apple

This video is a recording of the webinar “The Role of Dendrometers for Irrigation Management in Apple” presenting information on the types and uses of dendrometer sensors and the data they collect. Includes discussion on…

Pear Rootstock & Systems Virtual Field Tour Webinar

“Pear Rootstocks & Systems Virtual Field Tour” webinar recording featuring the pre-recorded demonstrations, live presentations of research results, and live Q&A sessions with presenters and webinar attendees.

Quince Rootstock on Bartlett Pear Trial Virtual Tour

WSU’s Dr. Stefano Musacchi gives a virtual tour of his quince-Bartlett rootstock trial and discusses the research results and which combinations show the most promise for commercial orchards.

Quince Rootstock on Anjou Pear Trial Virtual Tour

WSU’s Dr. Stefano Musacchi gives a virtual tour of his quince-Anjou rootstock trial discussing the research results and which combinations show the most promise for commercial orchards.

Stemilt Bi-axis Pear Block Virtual Tour

WTFRC’s Tory Schmidt hosts this virtual tour of the Stemilt pear block that utilizes the bi-axis technique.

Time-lapse Fire Blight Disease Progression in Apple: Differing Responses among Three Cultivars

A time-lapse video depicting the progression of fire blight symptoms in three apple scion cultivars all propagated onto M. 111 Rootstocks.


WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® pre-harvest events scheduled and 2020 Documents available

It’s T minus 50-60 days before WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® harvest season begins. Color and size are coming on and there is great anticipation for a sizable crop of premium fruit. Our WA 38 team has scheduled…

Winter Educational Opportunities

WSU Tree Fruit Extension will provide a variety of learning opportunities this fall and winter in order to continue to bring growers research-based information while maintaining your safety from Covid19. Opportunities will include webinar series,…

Pesticide Recertification Credits and Applicator Licensing

Due to COVID-19, there are several significant changes to obtaining recertification credits and taking pesticide license exams. Washington State Dept. of Agriculture (WSDA) is the regulatory agency that administers the pesticide program. Recertification Credits:  There…

Field Visits on Fumigation for Replant Disease Using Mustard Meal

Mustard Meal and Anaerobic Disinfestation Alternatives to Fumigation for Replant Disease Download flyer Replant disease can cost growers more than $70,000 per acre in lost returns when it is not treated for. We initiated field-scale…


2020 Cherry MRL Report

Since 2011, the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission has conducted annual studies to provide the Northwest cherry industry basic information about residues of commonly used pesticides.  These studies are intended to help growers and consultants…


Endowed Chair in Bacterial Diseases of Tree Fruit

WSU has a new faculty position open for an Endowed Chair in Bacterial Diseases of Tree Fruit. The Endowed Chair is expected to provide energetic leadership to address significant challenges to the tree fruit production…

ITT Publications Coordinator for Tree Fruit Extension

Opportunity to work with the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team to help deliver outreach across multiple platforms.

Extension ITT Coordinator for TF Postharvest Systems

Fantastic opportunity to collaborate with WSU researchers and tree fruit industry to solve postharvest system challenges.



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