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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters, August 2023


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What Drones Have to Offer Agriculture

Ten years ago the use of drones was controversial with respect to national air space safety and not allowed; however, it has become clear that there are practical applications that cannot be overlooked.
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WSU Decision Aid System Update August 2023

Impact of bin piles on CM populations, model updates, and new tools on DAS
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AWN Station Update Required for Users of Desert Aire, Mattawa.E, and Prosser.NE

On October 1, 2023, AWN will decommission Desert Aire, Mattawa.E, and Prosser.NE.
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Fungal Canker and Dieback Pathogens of Stone Fruit

Dieback and canker diseases threaten productivity by reducing the lifespan of trees.
six graphs showing numbers of natural enemies nymphs and adults Summer-Fall 2022 and Summer-present

Third-generation pear psylla outlook, August 2023

Pear psylla are starting to become more abundant in conventional than in IPM and organic orchards. What is happening and why?
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Organic Apple Pre and Post Harvest Management Survey

Please help us identify current practices utilized preharvest and postharvest to reduce rots and extend the shelf life of organic apples. This effort will help us identify needs and will be used as a baseline…
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The Fungi Among Us

This article is a summary of a presentation made to the Columbia Basin Tree Fruit Club on April 26, 2023.
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2024 PNW Cherry and Stone Fruit Research Priorities Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC) and the Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission (OSCC) are seeking cherry and stone fruit research proposals in the following priority areas.


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Codling Moth: The Canadian Experience

Canada has a successful Sterile Insect Release (SIR) program that was government funded. SIR is area-wide which has disrupts mating of codling moths and allows for increased control. Melissa Tesche, General Manager of the SIR…
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Codling Moth: New Zealand Experience

New Zealand has successfully implemented Sterile Insect Release programs. The industry values IPM tactics and uses sterile insects as another integral tool. Principal Scientist, Jim Walker, discusses the New Zealand apple industry and the sterile…
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Virtual Orchard Meetups: Heat Session with Lee Kalcsits, Washington State University

Managing the uncontrollable: resilience to extreme events
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Virtual Orchard Meetups: Heat Session with Randolph M Beaudry, Michigan State University

Managing the Uncontrollable: Resilience to extreme events. Heat Session with Randolph M Beaudry, Michigan State University.
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Virtual Orchard Meetups: Heat Session Grower Panel with Garrett Henry, WA & Steve Frecon, PA

Managing the Uncontrollable: Resilience to extreme events. Heat session Grower Panel.


WA 38 SOP and WA 64 Field Day

Join us for a pre-harvest field tour to continue learning about WA 38 and WA 64 horticulture. Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Locations: WSU Sunrise Orchard (Rock Island) & Hwy 28 Orchard (Quincy) Schedule:…

Smart Orchard + AgAID Field day

      September 15th 2:00 to 4:30 PM WSU Sunrise Orchard.   Join us and learn about the Smart Orchard project and the WSU AgAID AI Institute project, meet the multidisciplinary team, technology, automation and…


Sprayer Field Day for hops and specialty crops

Aug 8 | 75008 W Hanks Rd, Prosser, WA 99350

Pear Psylla Field Day 2023

Aug 16 | Mission Creek Community Club

WA 38 SOP and WA 64 Field Day

Sep 13 | WSU Sunrise Orchard

Smart Orchard + AgAID Field day

Sep 15 | WSU Sunrise Orchard

WA 64 Field Day – South

Sep 19 | WSU ROZA Orchard


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Fruit Matters August 2023 was edited by Jodi Rinaldi and Gwen Hoheisel, WSU Extension.

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