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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters, June 2023


WA 64 apples

WA 64 Apple Cultivar Announcement of Opportunity (AOO) – Licensee

The Washington State University Office of Commercialization (WSU-OC), the licensing arm of WSU, the assigned owner of WA 64, desires to find, through this Announcement of Opportunity (AOO) process, an exclusive licensee to manage the…
pruning a branch

Pruning out Fire Blight Infections

It is important to quickly prune out fire blight infected materials soon after an infection occurs to reduce the bacterial ooze which insects and wind can spread through the orchard causing new infections, and to…
graphic of two cherries with a leaf

Resources for Little Cherry and X-disease Scouting and Sampling 2023

Resources available for scouting and sampling of X-disease and Little Cherry disease during the 2023 season.
cherry disease progression

What does the X-disease/Little Cherry Disease Test Results Numbers Means in Terms of Disease Progression?

Summary by Corina Serban, WSU Extension, Scott Harper, WSU Plant Pathology. May 3, 2022. Updated June 2, 2023. The little cherry and X-disease outbreak has become a singular threat to the PNW cherry industry, causing…
earwig eating woolly aphids at night

Rally the troops: free earwigs to be distributed to pome fruit growers at TFREC workshop

Earwigs are a powerful pest management ally in apple and pear. Get some for free on July 12 at a WSU event led by the Pear Insects Lab!
data graphs

Summer pear psylla management, 2023

Phenology-based pear psylla management options are under evaluation on commercial farms. Programs in the Wenatchee Valley are defined and compared in this article.
tree fruit research commission logo

2023 WTFRC Little Cherry Disease Funding Summary

Summary of the 2023 Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission Little Cherry Disease Funding.
decision aid system logo

WSU Decision Aid System Update June 2023

As warm weather continues, follow updates to important pest, pathogen, and fruit growth models on DAS.

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Codling Moth: Using Traps Properly

Trap placement, density, and lure type are affected by the biology and dispersion of codling moth. Knowing how to interpret counts in relation to prior experience is key in pest management.
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Codling Moth: How Orchard Management and Socioeconomic Conditions Affect Codling Moth

Orchard pest management, like pruning and thinning, is expensive and conducted on viable blocks. Abandoned or neglected orchards can lead directly to high populations of codling moth infesting neighboring blocks. Industry leader and consultant Jill…

Scouting and Sampling for Little Cherry Disease

Tips on scouting and sampling for X-disease and Little cherry disease which cause small, pale unmarketable fruit in cherries.
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Symptoms of X-disease Phytoplasma in Stone Fruit

X-disease in peaches, plums and nectarines causes yellow leaves, shot hole and small deformed fruit.
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Enfermedad de la cereza pequeña en cerezos

Bernardita Sallato comparte información respecto a la enfermedad de la cereza pequeña, síntomas para su identificación, medidas de prevención y control de vectores.
Washington State University