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Tree Fruit News September 2022


2022 Update: Additional WA 38 Harvest and Storage Considerations

The compound 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) has been used as a postharvest storage treatment to slow fruit ripening. The 1-MCP binds to ethylene receptors and hinders ethylene-depended reactions, such as fruit maturation. It can improve firmness retention…

Recommended Harvest Criteria for Commercial WA-38 Storage in 2023

Use this guide in addition to the published marketing and quality standards for the 2023 crop year. First ship date for fruit produced in the 2023 crop year: November 20, 2023.

WA 38 Defects Guide

WA 38 Common Defects and Unique Characteristics Near Harvest and During Storage Written by: Ines Hanrahan, Executive Director, WA Tree Fruit Research Commission and Carolina A. Torres, Associate Prof., Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Postharvest…

Consumer Preferences for Pears

Carolyn Ross, Ann Colonna, and Karina Gallardo reported on their study Consumer Preferences for Pears in an online seminar last month. They presented extensive research conducted last winter with over 20 pear varieties. Objectives included…


WSU Weather School Video

Meteorologic Basics by Jon Boomgard-Zagrodnik


Field Day Prevention of Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma in Nursery Operations

Discussion of management of X-disease and Little cherry disease for nursery operators, staff and fieldstaff who work with nurseries. Open to all.

WSU TFREC Pear Psylla Field Day 2022

For growers and consultants who would like to learn about the outcomes of the pear psylla phenology-based management program this season. Join us for an opportunity to learn about the outcomes of the pear psylla…

Pear IPM Intensive

Join WSU Extension and the Pear IPM team for an intensive workshop delving deep into effective integrated pest management for pears December 14.


Nursery Prevention of X-disease Phytoplasma and Little Cherry Virus Recommendations

Clean plant material is essential to limit the incidence of X-disease Phytoplasma and Little cherry Virus-1 and -2 in Washington and Oregon orchards. This page details recommendations for nurseries and new plantings.


WA38 Preharvest Field Day

Sep 15 |

Field Day Prevention of Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma in Nursery Operations

Sep 19 | Gold Crown Nursery 15010 Road 8 NW, Quincy, WA

Día de Campo en WSU Roza- WA38 Análisis de Almidón 2022 (WA38 Field Day in Spanish – Roza, IAREC)

Sep 20 | WSU ROZA Orchard

WSU TFREC Pear Psylla Field Day 2022

Sep 21 |

Labor and Automation Effects on Social Sustainability and Resilience in U.S. Agriculture

Sep 7 | The Lodge at Columbia Point, 530 Columbia Point Dr., Richland, WA 99352


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The September 2022 edition of Fruit Matters was edited by Karen Lewis, WSU Extension.

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