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Varieties – Apple

There are over 7,500 varieties of apples grown worldwide. But only a relative few are suitable to be grown and marketed in Washington and the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The top varieties are Red Delicious (34%), Gala (19%), Fuji (13%), Granny Smith (12%), Golden Delicious (10%), Cripps Pink (3%), Honeycrisp (3%),  Braeburn (3%), and 3% ‘Other’ ( In addition to the major varieties, there are “boutique” varieties found only in specialty stores or fruit stands and club varieties grown by select growers. Below is a thumbnail gallery of the most common PNW varieties arranged by relative harvest timing. Clicking on an image will open the full description window. (List of varieties came from the Washington State Apple Commission.) Apple production facts can be found on the Northwest Horticultural Council’s website.


Washington State University