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WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® pre-harvest virtual field day video recordings now available

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The WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® pre-harvest virtual field tour consisted of three separate events. The first event was a webinar intended for all stakeholders involved in growing, managing, packing, shipping, or marketing this apple and covered all aspects from pre-harvest to post-harvest. The second session was a meeting intended for growers and managers of this apple and focused on harvest-related topics. The final event was a meeting intended for packers and shippers of Cosmic Crisp® focusing on topics relevant to harvest and postharvest handling, storage, and marketing. The video recordings of all events are now available online.

Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Tour Videos

WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Day 9/16/2020

WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Grower/Manager Q&A Meeting 9/23/2020

WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Packer/Shipper Q&A Meeting 9/30/2020

Additional information on WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® including the contents of the industry packets can be found at

Washington State University