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Tree Fruit News Sep 30, 2019


Top 6 things to get it right – Harvest for optimum quality of COSMIC CRISP®

To ensure the optimum quality at harvest of your fruit, follow these six tips.

WA 38 Maturity Testing & Online Resources

WA 38 harvest is almost here and we want to remind people of the resources on our website. On the left side menu column, there is a WA 38 tab leading to several WA…

WA 38 / COSMIC CRISP® Maturity Field Days Scheduled

The WTFRC and WSU Extension have scheduled field days across the region to demonstrate WA 38 fruit sampling and starch analysis using the new WA 38 starch scale. If you are going to harvest a…


Taking time when testing WA 38 (COSMIC CRISP®) maturity

Ines Hanrahan, executive director of the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, shows differences in testing apple maturity between Granny Smith and WA 38 (COSMIC CRISP®) using an iodine starch test. Learn more about the recently…


ISHS XII Orchard Systems 2020

Every 4 years the ISHS working groups of Rootstock Breeding and Evaluation (Chair: Gennaro Fazio, PhD), Orchard and Plantation Systems (Chair: Greg Lang, PhD) Environmental Physiology and Developmental Biology (Chair: Luca Corelli Grappadelli, PhD) organize…

Storage Rots Management: from Orchard to Packing

Who Should Attend: Pome fruit growers, packers, field and warehouse workers, extension specialists, industry representatives, consultants and others interested in learning about best management practices in orchards and packinghouses to reduce the impact of postharvest…


Postharvest Defects & Honeycrisp Disorders Posters

Posters are now on sale at the Benton, Chelan, Grant, and Yakima County Extension offices now. Get yours today!
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